Local Activist Shares His Personal Story

Joe with Candidate Soryia

My name is Joe McCauley and I’m a 20 year old student. I have been a Labour party member for 3 years now – but understanding why any 20 year old would join a political party is not as straightforward as it may seem.

I wasn’t much of a politico when I was 17 so why did I bother?

I have always lived in the Southside of Glasgow in a well known area called the Gorbals. My family is very much working class and each one of my family members hold close bonds to my community.

Well all that still does not explain why any sane 17 year old would join a political – particularly the Labour party.

Hardly any of the young people I knew in the Gorbals were interested in politics, never mind party politics. So I asked myself the simple question: why not? Why should I not take up the challenge of being a Labour Party campaigner?

I made it a personal aim to fight for my core beliefs and values which connect me to the Labour Party. My family has always praised the Labour party for helping them to strive to be better and I’m proud to be a member of the Glasgow, Scottish and UK Labour Parties.

I would advise any other young person – political or not – to ask themselves one question…

Do you dare to be different?

Do you dare to take to the streets on cold scottish morning ready to fight for what you believe in, to campaign for better for the most vulnerable in our communities ?

I hold close the song “I Belong To Glasgow” – a cherished song that belongs to the people of this city as it sings “My dear old Glasgow Toon”. Glasgow is a dear old town to all with no political bounds, but everyone must play there part to Put Glasgow First!

I finish this personal blog with a quote from one of the most famous political figures of the 21st century, John F. Kennedy. A very simple quote …

“One person can make a difference and every person should try”

Will I see you on the campaign trail?

If you too share our values of giving communities a real voice, of standing up for the vulnerable in our society, and of Putting Glasgow First then get in touch at soryia4southsidecentral@gmail.com and follow us at @SouthsideLabour. With your help, we can return two hard working candidates in Southside Central who will fight for what really matters.

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