Putting Glasgow first !

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Scottish Labour unveiled its list of candidates for the local government elections in Glasgow – and promised to transform the support it offers from birth to old age. 

In the past two weeks, the party has unveiled major planks of its manifesto for the next five years in Glasgow:

  • to expand free childcare by up to 1500 per child
  • a offer a Glasgow guarantee offering apprenticeships, jobs or training to every 16 – 24 year old
  • rebuild or refurbish every primary school that needs it
  • to build 3500 new homes for rent, and offer first time buyers help with mortgages
  • replacing the Winter Fuel Allowance cut by the Tories for the over 80s in the city

The party will field 45 candidates across all wards in the city. Full details are on www.glasgowlabour.com/candidates.

Gordon Matheson, Labour Leader of Glasgow City Council, said:

“This election is about the future of our city. Glasgow has changed so much over the years, but we need to keep moving forward and giving chances to the next generation.

“Our candidates are working hard across the city, knocking on doors, talking to voters and listening to their concerns.

“I joined the Labour Party to change society and change lives, and in tough economic times Labour in Glasgow will put people in Glasgow first.

“That is why I have set out a vision to improve childcare, refurbish our schools, create jobs, build homes, and protect the city’s pensioners.

“But this isn’t just about policies and new schemes to help people. This is about something much bigger. It is about protecting our citizens from birth to old age, giving chances to the next generation, doing always what we can to make the biggest city in Scotland the greatest city in the world.”

26 February 2012

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