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Tel : 0141 287 7034


James Scanlon, 59, is an electrician by trade and a former taxi driver and caretaker in a community hall. His wife works in local schools. They have three daughters and two grandchildren.

Why do you want to be a councillor?
I wholeheartedly enjoy helping and assisting the people of Glasgow. This is a great city, but we need real action to deliver more jobs at all levels. Labour’s Commonwealth apprenticeship scheme is a great example of what the council can do to tackle unemployment.What makes you proudest about Glasgow?
The people. I have travelled all over the UK and Europe and I have never experienced the warmth and wit from any other population.What do you do outside politics?
I like to watch football and I enjoy a game of snooker, and I look after my two grandchildren.What are your priorities for the Southside Central ward?
I want more social rented housing in my ward, will campaign for more jobs, and I would like to see more people able to use our excellent facilities like parks, leisure centres, and museums.

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